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Let's get dirty! In a GOOD way!

San Diego offers not only great views and vibes, but it also offers amazing scents. The beach is rendered with a realistic salty Ambergris, the beautiful mountains are portrayed through the bright Aldehydes and Roses that sweeten up the air almost with a "Vanilla" vibe. This combination is then powered through the most elegant, slightly opulent Musk that is to die for! The base offers an ultra-fine yet strong cedar and soft vetiver that doesn't leave you hangin' and lasts all day.

 When I close my eyes and spray San Diego by Alexandria Fragrances I immediately get transported into a heavenly mountainside with beach views in La Joya. An experience that you have never had before put into a little bottle that holds this beautiful fragrance, waiting to be experienced by you anytime you, please.

If you enjoy Le Labo's Musc 25, you will definitely LOVE San Diego by Alexandria Fragrances.

Time of day: Evening

Weather: Any

Notes: Aldehydes, Patchouli, Musk, Vetiver, Lily-of-the-Valley, Cedar, Rose, Ambergris