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Night Of Fire Inspired by Nuit de Feu Louis Vuitton

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Night Of Fire is the definition of Sexy. Smokey Incense, Luxurious Oud, Mysterious Musk, Manly Leather and Olibanum create a quality, sexy, dark, and simply brilliant fragrance!
Night Of Fire starts at the top with a dry incense note, mixed with a very organic, slightly animalistic Oud note that just makes this fragrance very carnal and sexy.
The musk and leather bring a very masculine feeling to this fragrance as it gives an almost virile feeling when wearing it. When all of these notes are brought together
it creates a gorgeous, sophisticated and very surprising subtle and wearable animalic, woody oriental. A must-try for Oud and Incense lovers. Night Of Fire, will not disappoint!

Inspiration of: Nuit de Feu Louis Vuitton

Notes: Oud, Incense, Musk, Leather, Olibanum

Time of day: Night/ Cold Days