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About Us

Affordable Scents for Every Fragrance Fancier



Our Story



Our story begins with a fervent passion for premium niche fragrances. Our founder, Hany Hafez, was exposed to the sanctuary of scents at an early age while in his hometown of Cairo, Egypt, where he observed his mother working at the local shops she owned. He was captivated by the way customers’ expressions shifted when inhaling the fragrances she carried as if a single sniff transported them elsewhere.


Following in his mother’s footsteps, Hany resolved to open his own shop before moving to the United States to support his family. It was there where he discovered the exorbitant prices for mediocre fragrances. In an effort to make niche fragrances more accessible, he indulged his affinity for scents and launched Alexandria Fragrances US in 2017, which experienced instant success.


To accommodate their international popularity, he partnered with other industry experts from around the world who shared his passion for niche perfumes. As a result, Alexandria Fragrances UK allows fragrance devotees in the United Kingdom and Europe to retrieve top-quality scents in luxury packaging without unreasonable shipping fees.


So, whether you want to replace your signature scent, find a niche fragrance for a special occasion, or make a positive first impression, we deliver unique, affordable scents to ignite your senses, granting everyone the opportunity to discover perfumes that smell good and look good.


Our Values


Quality: We’re devoted to crafting truly remarkable scents. Never one to cut corners, we source premium ingredients to deliver long-lasting, delightful fragrances you love.


Accessibility: At Alexandria Fragrances UK, we believe everyone deserves easy access to their favorite fragrances without the additional cost. Our reasonably priced scents ensure you receive the best value for your hard-earned money.


Innovation: Your personal taste is constantly evolving; so are we. We’re excited to continue creating exceptional niche fragrances for a wide variety of preferences. You never know - your new signature fragrance could be in the works as we speak.


International House, 61 Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3HZ