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This leather based scent is fresh and green: tomato leaf and soft, lightly herbal vanilla, accompanied by a sharp, young leather that invigorates. As the leather matures and mixes with orris root and resinous galbanum, the warm, spicy outdoorsy qualities give off a hint of motor oil and coastal air, leaving us relaxed and excited all at once. Art as a fragrance at its best. Unique enough to provoke smile setting nostalgia to all of those around you. if you like memories of you and your leather jacket in Italy you will love Rome.
Time of day: Any
Weather: Any
Notes: Green Tomato Leaf, Vanilla, Leather, Rockrose Absolute, Galbanum, Clary Sage, Iris Concrete, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Sandalwood, Tolu Balsam Resin, Opoponax Resin, Myrrh Resin, Benzoin Resin, Leather Accord, Musk