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  • inanimate oud, inspired by tom ford oud minerale
  • inanimate oud, inspired by tom ford oud minerale 100ml
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Inanimate Oud, Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Minerale (UK Exclusive)

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An aquatic marine fragrance with a twist!
It opens with the salty watery notes. its bright and a little sharp. The seaweed and fir balsam give it a slight aromatic edge. The oud is delicate and mixed with the ambergris in the base giving this fragrance depth in the dry down and an edge over the typical citrusy aquatics you might find elsewhere. Perfect for the warmer weather but strong and piercing enough to cut through the cold air.
Top notes: Sea Notes, Sea Salt, Seaweed, Pink Pepper
Middle Notes: Styrax, Fir Balsam
Base Notes: Agarwood (oud) Ambergris, Pepperwood