Fire & Spice

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The Below review was done on fire and spice by '2scentsworth' on Instagram.
No official note breakdown as of writing from @alexandriafragrancesuk
Fire and spice does capture the essence of the fragrance extremely well and the DNA is most certainly recognizable no doubt about that, however, the original did have that undeniable little extra quality but that is to be expected but on the whole this is a very fine attempt from @alexandriafragrancesuk to try and recreate such a complex and regal scent.
The openings are identical and you would find it difficult to distinguish between the two as Fire and spice captures the green elements, spice, heat, and aldehydes and with similar the heart the original did have a little more punch, presence, and depth with the floral elements but only when smelling up close. In the base Fire and Spice again has all the elements in the form of Oudh(not strong)Rose, and a touch of Amber and musk but again not as punchy but the aroma given off is the same. In terms of smell alikeness, this is 9.5 /10 blend and quality 9/10 performance 9/10(lasted approx 1 hr less) but with this being a new fragrance might need time to macerate which might bolster up performance.
Overall rating 9/10.
There are subtle differences and I’m sure Ormonde Jayne connoisseurs will pick up more than I did however with this scent DNA even in the original individual notes are hard to separate and distinguish so it’s a lot to do with blending and quality and Fire and Spice certainly gives a good account on both scores, so if your looking for a cheaper alternative of the Ormonde Jayne masterpiece then this might well be a good place to start because in smell terms this is spot on and does deliver quality and performance that surpasses its selling price.(2 wearings only)