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  • nefarious inspired by nishane nefs 30ml
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Nefarious Inspired By Nishane Nefs

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Nefarious is a Dark, Boozy, Sweet and Exotic scent that will stick with you all day with just a couple of sprays. Real Oud, Boozy Whiskey, Sweet Vanilla and Honey are
the stars of the show. An attention getter, seductive and beautiful Nefarious gives off the vibes of a middle eastern Shiek. It smells like the Prince's favorite fragrance.
Rose is also in this concoction adding a little freshness along with Jasmine. Nefarious is one of the BEST Oriental fragrances you will ever smell. A phenomenal compliment
magnet that will make you feel like Royalty. I suggest getting a back-up bottle of Nefarious as it will be on top of your rotation all year.

If you enjoy Nishane Nefs, you will absolutely LOVE Nefarious by Alexandria.

Notes: Honey, Saffron, Fig, Rose, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Oud, Whiskey, Vanilla, Leather, Amber, Cinnamon, Cedar.

Time of day: Whenever you want to feel SPECIAL.