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5 fragrances for Easter 

Easter is nearly here and it got the team here at Alexandria UK thinking about our favourite fragrances with a chocolate note.

What a perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat without adding calories 😃🍫 

Believe it or not we haven’t just picked fragrances by us, but we have also included a delicious option from elsewhere. 


1. CHOCOLATE DREAM / Inspired by Xerjoff Lira 

This is a gourmand lovers dream and for those that have a sweet tooth. Chocolate isn’t actually a note here but a combination  of Creamy Caramel, Rich Vanilla, Sweet spices and Juicy Blood orange all add a delicious mouth watering scent profile that magically intertwine to create a chocolate lovers heaven.



2. CACAO DREAMS / Original Creation 


Alexandria’s second venture into an original creation. 

Easter in our family wouldn’t be the same without watching Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. 

It hasn’t been confirmed by Hany Hafez but, I wouldn’t be surprised if the creamy rich Chocolate river that features in the movies wasn’t an inspiration behind this fragrance. 

This is one of the most photo realistic Chocolate notes that you will find on the market. 

Rumour has it, Willy Wonka has sent an Oompa Loompa to steal the recipe!


3. DARK KNIGHT / Inspired by Kilian Black Phantom

One of our best sellers just had to get a mention! This time the Chocolate is paired with Coffee, Caramel and Rum to create a naughty treat. We often get excellent feedback on this for being very close to the original with exceptional performance. 

We agree! 

A gourmand olfactory masterpiece!



4. NO APOLOGIES / Inspired by Nasomatto Pardon

This is probably the most unusual option we have included in this list and certainly the least ‘Gourmand’ of the bunch. 

This is perfect for that Easter night out!

It has an elegance and charm that stands it apart. Deep, dark, woody and Rich with a beautiful subtle sweet nature that comes from the florals and dark chocolate.



5. WICKED GOOD by Gallagher Fragrances

We had to put this into our list because of the delicious naughty beast that it is. You can just smell the calories! Centred around 3 main notes of Milk Chocolate, Tonka Bean and Vanilla 

Perfectly named! It smells like that unwrapped indulgent, expensive Belgian chocolate Easter egg. 

A worthy treat for this list.



We hope you enjoyed our list and would like to wish all of our customers a very happy Easter 🐣

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